Bradenton Boudoir Photography, Elizabeth

Elizabeth called me to schedule her session because it was her wedding gift idea for her fiance on their wedding day. How special is it? I loved her idea and we met in a few weeks for style consultation to choose her outfits and looks. She is a very sweet young lady and we defiantly wanted to show it in her portraits. But more than that we wanted to make something "spicy" for her loved one. The portrait with a strawberry was an unexpected decision while she was drinking her champagne (all our studio guests are spoiled with drinks and appetizers during the sessions)). She chose a black wood folio box for her portraits, a very elegant and classy decision.

Meantime, We both had to wait a few months till their wedding to see his reaction.

"OMG!! He loved it! He was saying "oh" and "aww" all day long. And his favorite was the one with a strawberry", Elizabeth said. That made my day!

Check out the favorites from our session.